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January 2008
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Home Improvement Tax Credits

You spent all that money on home improvements and hopefully kept your receipts. In the US you can receive a tax credit.
Federal Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency
This is the last year you can claim this. Dig out those receipts and get them to your tax people!

The New Temporary Workshop Episode 8

Work continues at a slower pace, as I am working on the client Master Bath Project. However I managed to get some stuff done around here.

This is the East wall, which I covered with 1/2″ 5-ply plywood. I used 5 ply which is more expensive, but much more stable for mounting cabinets and holders of various sorts I have been collecting over time.
This is the wall between the shop and the alcove for the reefer and the utility room. It is insulated as well.

The majority of the taping and sanding is done. The north wall and it’s soffit remains open as I have not switched the electric circuit around.

The kitchen window is wrapped as well as the temporary pocket door is installed.

Priming took place the other day with KILZ2 primer. Walnut the wonder dog could care less.

I built a ‘airlock’ door for the dogs out of 2 petdoor flap sides. I saw one in the store, but I balked at the 75 buck price tag, and the idea that I would need to remember 2 sizes and types of flaps. Lazy I am, for sure. Dogs like it.


I am also experimenting with trimless openings. I used “L” bead around the door. “L” bead and Corner Bead on the windows. I am still muttering about the floor.
On the left is the famous electric outlet featured here

I installed the outlets at 48” off the floor because this is a workshop, and having the outlet above your benches is a good thing.

I have a break Wednesday, as the client has stuff to do, and the Master Bath Project will be at a resting point with the rest of the solid surface going in. Hopefully, my son and I will get the electricity moved, and get the soffits buttoned up. Plus we need to get materials for a gutter job on the other side of town.
Maybe get some of the cabinets moved, and installed on the walls. Thursday may be a down day as the Caravan needs to go to the shop to have the brakes repaired.