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February 2008
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Master Bath Project Episode 1

Having completed the Walk in Closet Project it is time to move to the Master Bath.

Our Goals for this project are to open up the room, and perform a serious makeover.

Behind the door is the closet that was emptied into the Walk In Closet. We will be removing the closet completely. The vent above the closet has already been disconnected when we had the tin men re-routing the ductwork for the Walk In Closet Project. We will be putting a big shower. We will also need to move the switches.

The old shower has cultured marble sides with glass doors bound for the dumpster.

The vanity counter and cabinets will be replaced, as well as the mirrors, fixtures and lights. The wing wall will stay after some serious modifications and moving the GFI outlet.

The tub ended up staying, but the side panels above and on the side of the tub will be replaced.

Rounding the corner is the toilet which has a floor to ceiling partition which will be removed and replaced with a wing wall the same height as the one at the tub and left side of the Vanity.

Some decisions have been made, as to materials, types, fixtures, and finishes. Others are dependent upon what we find behind the walls. With remodeling projects there are always surprises when the hammers meet the walls and you begin the demolition.

1 comment to Master Bath Project Episode 1

  • Richard

    When we did ours we almost forgot about the “waiting for hot water problem” that existed. We narrowed the selection down to a redytemp because of it’s temperature control and the fact that we didn’t want to be using warm water to flush our toilets with. Don’t make that mistake.