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February 2008
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Master Bath Project Episode 6

The framing, plumbing, and the electric work is done. So some of the drywall gets hung. The cabinet maker was here for his dimensions, and the solid surface folks got their numbers, and made their templates for the custom shower pan.
Here you can see the insulation and the blocking in place for the grab bars that will be installed after the shower is finished.

Here is a view into the shower. The bottom sheets of drywall will not be installed until after the shower pan is installed. It would have been nice to get the pan done before the drywall, but equipment breakdown, and scheduling conflicts created this. There are always surprises in remodeling, and this was one. The solid surface guys had even more surprises in store creating more delays in this project.

We used ‘green’ board in the shower and in the vanity area. Due to the details for the shower, we could not complete drywalling in a number of areas.

We have filled in the area in the window covering the bottom row of glass block and drywalled and taped the bathtub area. We also skim coated the walls where the old tub surrounds were.

Meanwhile we were able to drywall the pony wall by the toilet as well as skim coating those walls.

The current plan is after the shower pan is in, waiting 24 hours for the glue to set, I will drywall, bead and mud the shower area so that we can texture, and paint so the solid surface guys can return and install the rest of the solid surfaces.

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