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February 2008
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Master Bath Project Episode 7

Delay Delay Delay. Remodeling never has neat schedules. The original schedule would have had the client taking a bubble bath for Christmas. There are any number of things that for one reason or another, you subcontract out. This project had the plumbing, solid surface, cabinets, and tile work subbed out.

The mechanical A/C work was done before I opened up the first wall as part of the ductwork moving for the Walk In Closet Project. The electric was done by the client, working in the evenings. The plumbing was done by a company I have been using for years, and understands the nature of remodeling projects, and works with you. For example he did not have a problem with the shower control placement, just needing to know where we wanted it. He also helped select a brand of fixtures, that we would be able to find parts for in the future.
Plumbing In Arizona
The water in Arizona has a high mineral content, which leads to lime and scale build up, and faucet failure. One of the more interesting services in Arizona is called re-pipeing. Just like it sounds. They come in and replace your old waterlines with new pipes, as the scale and mineral deposits, clog your pipes. These deposits also act as sandblasters inside your pipes leading to pinhole leaks that create disasters as well.
Enough about water.

The Cabinets arrived and have been mounted.
The Make Up Area
The make up area has a floating cabinet for the counter and a storage cabinet above. Both of which are custom units. The storage cabinet is a non standard height, as the top goes to the ceiling and the bottom needs clearance for the lit mirror which is wall mounted. It will receive a solid surface counter.

The Vanity
The vanity cabinet floats between the two pony walls and the cabinet height was partially determined by the depth of the sink countertop. The placement of the vanity cabinet on the pony walls is a little shorter than standard, for convenience, and to allow for splashes around three sides and having room for the pony wall caps.

The Bathtub
The bathtub was a object of some interest, as it is a custom unit, in height, width, depth, and controls. The client liked the current tub from design, function and could make the color work. In looking at a new custom tub, the cost was in outer space. I mean you could buy a economy car for the price some folks were quoting. The only other downside was wanting some more water jets. Staying was not certain until the guy was found who could install more jets.

Some holes, re plumbing and another control and the tub question was a done deal.

At this point we are waiting for the solid surface guys to bring the shower pan, so we can move toward completion. We cannot get the texture, priming, or painting done until the pan is in.

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