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April 2008
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Tools of Our Lives Folding Aluminum Utility Knife

This is a folding utility knife. Uses standard utility blades. This is just a nice knife to have in your kit.

Look for an aluminum body, riveted construction. Look for the ribs on the handle. This is a sharp knife with a new blade, and you probably would be surprised at the number of times your hands are wet while trying to trim or cut things.

Tools of Our Lives Irwin Quick Grip Clamps

Clamps have evolved over time. This is a 21st Century Clamp. It has a pistol grip and a sliding bar. Rubber silicone pads for not marring your material.(Although this is silly as these clamps will not mark anything harder than foam or maybe soft pine) They are not bar or screw pipe clamps, but they are very good at what they do.
For clamping things together as a third hand or holding things together while you screw them together.
Irwin Quick Grip Clamps – 12” about 20 bucks a pair.

I use them a lot in the field with an 8′ aluminum angle straight edge for cutting plywood straight.
They come in lots of lengths, but the 12” are probably the best for the houseblogger.

Tools of Our Lives – Panel Carry

Buying tools for remodeling is hard. Getting value for your dollar is important, as most of the house bloggers are not serial remodelers. I am however a serial remodeler. Here is one of the best tools you can have around.
This is the Stanley Panel Carry. 5-10 bucks.

This is one of those great tools. It allows you to carry plywood, particle board, sheetrock around without breaking your back. Of particular note is the rounded bottom. Once you get the material where you want to put it, you lift one corner, and the panel carry flops down so you can stack your sheets and get ready to get the rest of your sheet goods.