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April 2008
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Aliens are Making You Remodel!!

You probably are wondering why you are remodeling. You are here because you are looking for answers.

You did not tell the kids in your classes that you were going to grow up to be a remodeler. You didn’t go to college to become a remodeler. You didn’t get married based on the size of your spouses toolbox.(Although, it is not a bad idea considering some of the other reasons folks get hitched. p.s. I am single, have a lot of tools, and am a serial remodeler:)

You tell yourself and others all sorts of stories, come up with tales for your friends, family and neighbors, and generally act like a dope fiend. You don’t invite your parents over, not because your house is a mess, but because they have no remodeling skills.

You find yourself introducing yourself to folks around the neighborhood who are unloading building materials. Your idea of date night is a couple of rollers and a bucket of paint. The words ‘home improvement’ makes you hot….

It May Not Be Your Fault!! Aliens are making you remodel! I have Photographic Proof!!

I have found them! Aliens are Making You Remodel!!

Let me direct your attention to area #3. See the circles? Here you see the alien remodeling virus. It is virtually undetectable at ground level. This is a silent but powerful virus. My current clients house is in area #2. From a simple closet remodel, we are remodeling through the house.

The folks in area #1 have just finished remodeling the front of their house, and have moved enough stuff so that they can begin remodeling their kitchen. They are retired and the virus is gripping them.
What you don’t see in this photo is the folks next to my clients are getting ready to remodel.

So it may not be your fault. You are already getting the rolling eyes from your friends, family and others not yet infected. You may be driven by an alien virus somewhere in your neighborhood. Let’s keep this between you and I.

One last thing.Telling them that aliens are making you punch holes in your walls, will only lead to spending time with some sort of mental health worker, time better spent doing demo or construction. Keep telling them the stories you are already using.

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