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May 2008
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Guest Bath 4 Towel Storage

The Guest Bath is a little bit awkward, as they built a storage closet in the hallway, which ‘notched the floor in the bathroom. We decided to incorporate some open storage for towels, as a design element and to provide a soft surface for absorbing sound. Having folded and measured towels, we decided on a three shelf box whose top would be inline with the top of the cabinet, and wide as possible taking into account the sconce fixtures that would bracket the medcab.
We ended up with an 11 1/2” wide shelf.

Having framed the walls for the medcab, I opened the wall to see what was behind the drywall.

The closet side was already no mystery. It was a relatively useless space having too close deep shelving. I measured and plunged my trusty drywall keyhole through the wall to establish a rough cutting guide in the closet, and let me know how many shelves to remove.

I drew the lines on the bath side and cut the hole. This opening will be trimless so I will be using ‘J’ bead for the drywall opening. The shelf unit is made out of 12” poly shelving from the home improvement store. I could have made it out of raw particle board or plywood, but by the time you added in finishing, priming and painting, pre-finished shelving was faster and cheaper.

Here is a view from the closet side. the hole is larger as the front of the shelf unit will butt to the back of the drywall and ‘J’ bead.

Note: Because of the texture and the rough edge on the drywall. I am using 5/8” ‘J’ bead. 1/2” bead will not fit without more problems than you want to think about.

Here is the unit installed and bagged. I bagged it as we are bring the Anderson’s back to texture the walls. Clean up is much easier this way. I am all about easy….

I am not a fan of texture on walls, but Rich and Cody are magicians when it comes to texture. Folks in Phoenix can have their walls done, the rest of you are out of luck.

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