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May 2008
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DVD Storage

I own lots of DVD Movies. Storage is an issue for me. I don’t like what passes for storage in the stores. So I decided that I would build my own. I measured my DVD’s which are taller than paperbacks, shorter than VCR’s and have their own widths.

This unit is 83” high, 23 1/2” wide and 6 3/8” deep. 9 shelves, it holds 324 single DVD’s. 38 singles per shelf.

It took 1 sheet of 18 mm. 8 ply birch faced plywood, 1/2 sheet of 3/8” sanded ply for the back.

The sides are 6” wide, the shelves are 5” wide. The DVD’s stick out beyond the shelf edge by about a 1/2 inch. Finger tip access. I did this so that I have very little horizontal surface for dust to collect. I have three dogs, two double dog doors, and a lot of dust in my hood.

It is raw and unfinished. It is a proof of concept. The production units will be dadoed so that the back is flat to the sides. 50 bucks in materials. 4 hours to build. It is screwed together with 1 1/4” deck screws. I drilled pilot holes with a countersink bit, to prevent splitting. I have two 5 inch rips for shelves, one 6 inch side, and a complete back left.

I will play around the width to see if a 30 inch unit will use material better.

3 comments to DVD Storage

  • Good idea! We had problems with DVD storage, too…but we don’t have as many as you (we discovered netflix). We found a really cute cabinet with a pressed metal front… it’s nice because it’s closed, so the dust can’t get in. That’s our secret with OUR two dogs!

  • Don’t get me started on the dust problem. I own 6 vacuum cleaners. That’s another story…..

    My problem is that I converted from VCR to DVD, and am looking to high def in a few years.

  • That saves me. Thanks for being so selnsibe!