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May 2008
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Fun with Plywood

Having decided to build my own cases for DVD’s,I built another one. I realize that I will need to build some book ends or some other sort of end as my collection builds so they are not flopping around.
Plywood DVD Cases
I am not a knick knack person so I don’t have a large collection of figurines or other weird stuff to act as blocks for partially filled shelves. Besides. I am doing this because I already have a dust problem.

18mm plywood note:
The 18mm plywood has a paper thin veneer which chips when you cut it. There are ways to minimize this. Beware, or plan the face sides. I used to work in an architectural millwork company and ran a Holzma Panel Saw. It had a scoring blade as well as a main blade for just such a deal. It had computer controls, air tables for moving material, and could cut 3” of 5×10′ material. Yes they make it that big.

I build my first paperback case the other day. I used 3/4″ 7 ply A-C sanded plywood. It has a much thicker face than the 9 ply. Same deal with the shelves being a 1/2″ smaller than the width of the books. 9 shelves. I filled this one up with the loose books floating around. I still have boxes I have not unpacked yet.
Plywood vs Particle board
Next to it is a standard birdshit particleboard bookcase. The plywood case is lighter, stronger, and fits my books better. I will be running the old cases to ReHabitat so somebody can use them until they build their own cases. I just happen to have one about a mile from the casa.