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May 2008
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Fun with Plywood

Having decided to build my own cases for DVD’s,I built another one. I realize that I will need to build some book ends or some other sort of end as my collection builds so they are not flopping around.
Plywood DVD Cases
I am not a knick knack person so I don’t have a large collection of figurines or other weird stuff to act as blocks for partially filled shelves. Besides. I am doing this because I already have a dust problem.

18mm plywood note:
The 18mm plywood has a paper thin veneer which chips when you cut it. There are ways to minimize this. Beware, or plan the face sides. I used to work in an architectural millwork company and ran a Holzma Panel Saw. It had a scoring blade as well as a main blade for just such a deal. It had computer controls, air tables for moving material, and could cut 3” of 5×10′ material. Yes they make it that big.

I build my first paperback case the other day. I used 3/4″ 7 ply A-C sanded plywood. It has a much thicker face than the 9 ply. Same deal with the shelves being a 1/2″ smaller than the width of the books. 9 shelves. I filled this one up with the loose books floating around. I still have boxes I have not unpacked yet.
Plywood vs Particle board
Next to it is a standard birdshit particleboard bookcase. The plywood case is lighter, stronger, and fits my books better. I will be running the old cases to ReHabitat so somebody can use them until they build their own cases. I just happen to have one about a mile from the casa.

4 comments to Fun with Plywood

  • Marc

    Those shelves are awfully tight. They don’t look like they would accommodate the new, taller mass market paperbacks.

    I guess you could shelve those with the trade paperbacks, though.

  • Marc,
    You are right on the size of the new paperbacks.
    But don’t get me started on the new format that says that it is more efficent,
    But, the new paperbacks are exactly the same width and height as a VCR cassette.
    So in my case as I replace my VCR tapes I open up shelves for the ‘new’ paperbacks.

  • Love the glass bubble windows. You should post some pics of how they look when you install them. The whole 70’s bubbled glass thing is back.

  • Luke

    I was wondering if you could send me plans for the plywood entertainment center. The one that has the base and the 3 sections. I would really appreciate it.