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May 2008
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Fireplace Freshen 6

The Fireplace door has arrived. Took longer than anticipated.(something about mining the ore, making the steel…)

It does look nice. It came out better than I thought.

Here is another view with the valance lights. I will have to get an evening shot.

Construction Notes:
Here in the Southwest, fireplaces are relatively common. That is where the commonality ends. Everybody builds them differently,materials, sizes, locations. So when you are going to remodel yours, be advised that you will probably be buying a custom door. Make sure that your opening is finished.

There are a hundred manufacturers of doors with glossy brochures, showing you finishes, materials and styles to make your head explode.

Before getting a quote,(understand that these are items that they whisper the price in your ears, and after they revive you with smelling salts, add tax) Make sure that your opening is finished.

Take your time and select wisely. These are not the sort of items that you can do over.

The New Temporary Workshop V2 (beta)

Last summer I won some money on the lottery, which allowed me to make some improvements around here. Block Fence, Driveway, Refrigerator Alcove/Utility Room. One of the things that I was able to build was a new temporary workshop. The old one was in the media room. The end game is a 18×36 workshop in the back.

The Table Saw

Here is the table saw in it’s position. It is on wheels so I can make cross cuts as well as rips.

The extension table

The extension table is recycled from a temporary frame I built for a countertop. The deck is a leftover piece of the original T-1-11 siding. The cabinets are recycled from the Master Bath Project. On the back side I will be building a drop leaf for the miter saw. It is on wheels also.

The Far Side

The other side of the NTW has a couple of cabinets for storage of what not. I really need to get rid of those doors. I will be making a run to Habit for Humanity next week to get a bunch of stuff back into the recycling pipeline,

Storage of materials remains a problem with the hallway acting as my storage depot.

Now you see why I want an 18×36 workshop?