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May 2008
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The New Temporary Workshop V2 (beta)

Last summer I won some money on the lottery, which allowed me to make some improvements around here. Block Fence, Driveway, Refrigerator Alcove/Utility Room. One of the things that I was able to build was a new temporary workshop. The old one was in the media room. The end game is a 18×36 workshop in the back.

The Table Saw

Here is the table saw in it’s position. It is on wheels so I can make cross cuts as well as rips.

The extension table

The extension table is recycled from a temporary frame I built for a countertop. The deck is a leftover piece of the original T-1-11 siding. The cabinets are recycled from the Master Bath Project. On the back side I will be building a drop leaf for the miter saw. It is on wheels also.

The Far Side

The other side of the NTW has a couple of cabinets for storage of what not. I really need to get rid of those doors. I will be making a run to Habit for Humanity next week to get a bunch of stuff back into the recycling pipeline,

Storage of materials remains a problem with the hallway acting as my storage depot.

Now you see why I want an 18×36 workshop?

1 comment to The New Temporary Workshop V2 (beta)

  • Nice site and nice post on the table saw layout. Stop by my site sometime, if you like what you see let me know maybe we could swap links.