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June 2008
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Guest Bath 6

The Guest Bath Project is down to seeds and stems. Let’s review. The bathroom had no storage to speak of, an  awkward counter, and shower tile that was ‘dated’.

The counter and base cabinet closed in the room despite the white color scheme. The ‘banjo’ counter over the toilet made working on the toilet a major project. 
The shower tile was added on at some point, with the application of concrete board on top of the drywall, which is why it has such a thick appearance.  Plus the shower head was placed  so that only short people could use it comfortably.

After the demo, and moving the plumbing, and thinking about some storage, we opened up the wall, split the hall closet and installed a towel shelf. We also re framed the wet wall to install a sunken medicine cabinet.

The fixtures are Kohler, chosen for their looks and color. Yes they are  white. I managed to get the client to consider dark gray as a contrast wall for the fixtures. They pop!
One of the early decisions we made was to insulate the bathroom. Bathrooms are one of the noisiest rooms in a house, and builders never insulate them, Nothing but hard surfaces, and in most houses, you can hear what is happening throughout the house. Not this bathroom. You can have screamer auditions for horror movies in here and still sleep in the next room.

The shower presented a few challenges with the offset window, the original tub installation, and the original shower  head location.  We moved the shower  head  up, tiled the walls to the ceiling, and did it with daltile  Kohler White tile. Yes they make tiles that are the same colors as most fixtures. Surprised me.

What surprised us even more was how hard it was to get it. The big box stores that carry daltile, cannot sell certain styles. Stores that can sell it want to install it, or charge you enough so that you seriously think about buying a kiln and firing your own.

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