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June 2008
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One Sheet Wonder – 55 Gal. Aquarium Stand

My son needed a stand to get his fish off the floor. The fish  tank is 48 1/2” x 16”, across the bottom. It also weighs around 700 pounds when filled with stuff.
I built the stand in two parts. The cabinet and the base assembly.
This stand is 48 1/2” wide by 16” deep and 16” tall with base.
The cabinet is 48 1/2” wide, 16” deep, and 12” tall. I used 7 ply Arauco AC Sanded plywood as this is going to be painted, and the prep work after assembly is minimal. The base is 48 1/2 ”wide, 12” deep and 4” high.

2 16” wide rips provided the material for the carcase,  2 4” rips made the base pieces.
Off fall from the remainder of the 16” rips provided the brackets for the back of the case and the screw plates for the base.
I build the base unit separately to allow for the base to be attached after the location is made and before the tank is placed. This allows the base to be attached with space at the back for clearing trim while allowing the tank to rest next to the wall. The brackets at the back of the unit allow it to be attached to the wall for extra safety.

I used a number 6 pilot hole drill for my screws, and number 7  1 5/8 Deck screws to hold it together. Deck screws are frightening in their holding power. I used ZAR wood putty to cover the screw heads. Great Stuff.

33 bucks for plywood, 2 bucks for screws and a couple of hours cutting and assembly. A one sheet wonder.