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August 2008
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Artroom Expansion 3

The art room is moving along. Yesterday I got the windows out, removed the trim, made the cuts for the new roof line,  and the final measurements for the opening for the A/C unit which is moving.

Gotta have A/C as this is an inside/outside project. Started at 6 this morning. We are having triple digit temps here in Arizona. Tomorrow will start
even earlier as we get sunlight as a perk for the temperature.

 This morning the framing and siding materials got dropped, Chris Haddox the electrician showed up to move the A/C plug, and move an outlet that was going to be in the way.

I built the frame for the A/C unit last night, and after Chris moved the outlet, I installed it and we slid the A/C unit in. I did a couple of things that you may want to note. The frame extends from the siding to the drywall. The shelf below the unit is not attached to the wall but only to the brackets, I also used a couple of layers of the blue insulation that is used for floating plank floors to isolate the case from direct contact with the walls. . This made a major improvement in the quiet level, as most in wall
units are noisy. Being on the north side under the overhang will
improve its efficiency as it is no longer in direct sunlight I also cut the opening so that my brackets were over studs so that I could fasten the brackets securely. It takes two people to move this unit. Makes you feel bad when stuff falls down

Inside came out well also. A little trim and paint.

So here we are at the end of the day, around 12:30 (temp is already way over a hundred)

The siding is off, with me cursing along, as they really really nailed the paneling down, The new roof line is a lot lower as the walls are only going to be 7' high, as a heat control measure, because there will be two or three electric kilns for melting glass that run about 15 hours per firing.

The opening on the left will be getting a smaller window over the sink in the main room, the a/c hole will be covered up, the opening will change as we are installing a three foot door on that side. The right side is the outlet we moved and turned around. This gets it out of the way for framing the door opening, and will give us power once we have the walls and roof up. Lighting will come from the line that was attached to the flood lights that were there before.

Tomorrow, I hope to get the walls prefabbed, and maybe erected. We will see how it goes.