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August 2008
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Artroom Expansion 6

Currently in Arizona it is the monsoon season, which gives us rain in frog strangling downpours, from what anywhere else appear to be clear skies. It happens about that fast.

The Artroom's roof is 10 years old, and is a miracle in staying power, as the shingles are really dry and brittle. So we are having roofers stop by to bid on replacing the shingles on the old roof and roofing the Expansion. This is a challenge as the storm last week has a lot of them repairing damage around the Valley.

Meanwhile, we have sheathed the roof, and installed the fascia, which we used a rough sawn siding plank ripped to size to match the existing fascia on the artroom. That being done, the roof is ready for roofing.

To avoid doing twice the work, we bagged the roof deck. Ran plastic sheeting across the whole thing.

Trust me, there is nothing less pleasant than your new roof decking
going from flat to something resembling dunes in the desert. It makes roofing a more of challenge than normal.

Because the expansion's doorway is through the existing wall, this area must be framed up before we can apply the exterior siding. We are framing in a smaller window over the wash sink in the artroom, covering the old A/C hole and reframing the wall for the new door.
Here is that process from the expansion side.

The drywall wraps from the artroom had to be removed to place the window, blocking installed for the drywall to attach.

 Tech Tip: When removing drywall wraps in window openings, work from the new side using a prybar to loosen the drywall and cornerbead. This allows you to remove the corner bead and drywall from the 'backside' leaving a relatively clean line for the repair of the existing drywall.

Framing for the doorway had its own challenges, as the counters and sink in the artroom are in place. Not to mention the 2 tons of stained glass in racks below them. So we started with the outside framing, measuring and cutting back the studs and header to accept the new door frame, keeping the repair to a minimum.

Here is the other side.


Next up is installing the door, and getting a tape coat on the patched areas.