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August 2008
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Interior Design Insanity

Interior Design is one of those grey areas in life. What I like and what you like are different critters. How we get there is a personal choice. Interior Designers and their support group, ASID would have believe that you are not capable of making personal design choices.
Marginal Revolution is a blog unrelated to remodeling, (yeah I am more than a guy with a hammer and a skilsaw) has this nugget:

In Alabama it is illegal to recommend shades of paint without a license. In Nevada it is illegal to move any large piece of furniture for purposes of design without a license. In fact, hundreds of people have been prosecuted in Alabama and Nevada for practicing "interior design" without a license.
Source:Marginal Revolution Designing Monopoly
Note: the comments are worth reading also

I personally have yet to meet a interior designer that figures out what you want without specifying some high margin item available only to the trade, which usually blows any rational budget out of the water. But that is me.

Here is the Money Shot from Designing Cartels Through Censorship

In more than 30 years of advocating for regulation,

ASID has yet to identify a single incident resulting in
harm to anyone from an unlicensed interior designer.

Here is a link to this article.

Designing Cartels Through Censorship (PDF)