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September 2008
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Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles

I need light, am not buying anymore windows, and will not install skylights. So I am gonna  shove bubbles in my walls.

Glass block is an intriguing material. I have wanted to play with them, and have been circling around them for some time. I finally found a pattern that I liked. This is a pattern called Seascape, made by Pittsburgh Block. This photo is poor but you get the idea.

I built a series of frames for the blocks. The frames are 3/4'' plywood just big enough to fit around the blocks. They are deep enough to go through the wall completely. This is the inside of the frame. I have glued these in here with GE Silicone II XST which is supposed to be a paintable silicone caulk. Says on the tube that it will do everything but have your children. We will see.
The outside has a face frame of plywood, whose inside dimension is just a little smaller to act as a lip for the block and provide a surface to caulk to. Since this is an almost pure silicone, I am letting it dry before I trim it.
I am also experimenting with Elmers ProBond Wood Filler. I won't use it again. You can see where it has shrunk back. after sanding. I didn't have any ZAR handy.

Tommorow I will punch some holes in my walls and mount these.

Artroom Expansion 15

While the floor is drying and getting a clear coat, I am in the new temporary workshop building things.

Part of the art room  expansion is to provide a sink for cleaning the glass after it is fused.
We are using a shower pan as the sink. It has the virtue of being big and flat without being deep.

Because this is a custom piece, we can put the top of the sink and counters at 30'', which is the preferred height for the client.

The back splash is 7'' thick to accommodate the plumbing and to bring the side out far enough to join a 24'' deep counter to it.Still to go are is the side splash, masonite and frp for the splash areas.