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November 2008
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Cabot Water Borne Polyurethane

 I am lazy. I try do do things with the smallest amount of hassle as I can.

Polyurethane is one of those products that makes life a wonderful thing. It is the stuff for protecting wood. Until recently poly was a product that was solvent based giving off fumes, taking long drying times and requiring solvents like mineral spirits to clean up after. Not any more.

This is Cabot Water Borne Polyurethane. It has almost no odor, brushes well, lies flat, dries quickly, and cleans up easily with water. It is available at Lowes for sure.

This is the Satin finish, which I prefer as I am tired of shiny. It comes in shiny and flat as well.

Working with poly is a little different as you need to brush a little slower so that the finish does not bubble, and it will if you are not careful. You also need to brush thin coats. A minimum of two if not three coats, which can be done in a day.

A light sanding with a scotch brite pad or one of those foam sanding blocks (180 grit or so) between coats will give you a very nice finish. Using a good brush like the Cub will also help.

Purdy XL Cub Paint Brush

I have a large collection of paint brushes. Straight, Tapered, and a bunch of specialty brushes for oddball effects.  But this is hands down my new favorite one. This is the Purdy XL Cub.

It is tapered like a sash and trim brush, made with nylon and polyester, so it can be used with any type of paint or stain.

The real deal with this brush is the way it handles.
A standard brush has a long handle, which on flat surfaces works great, but this brush has a small handle with thumb depressions, allowing you to get into small spaces like the inside of shelving units and not banging into the stuff you have already painted.

The handling of this brush is like the difference between driving a chevette and a porsche 911.

If you are going to buy a brush for working on your house, this is definitely one to have.
Available at Amazon for under 10 bucks.