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December 2008
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Christmas Ideas – Dewalt Cordless Tools

A cordless drill for all reasons

I don’t recommend tools that I don’t own. That is why the photos I present are of my tools. Every homeowner needs a drill around the house. The best drill for the remodeler and homeowner is the

DEWALT DC920KA 18-Volt 1/2-inch Heavy-Duty XRP Cordless Drill/Driver Kit

This one is mine. Batteries hold a charge for a long time, and when using 3” screws to hold things together, it matters. Having been a corded tool guy for years, and gotten this as part of a set as a present from a client a couple of years ago, most of my plug in tools stay home.

If you buy one cordless drill, this dewalt drill is the one.


It is a regular drill, hammer drill, has 22 clutch settings(so it acts like a screw gun), a three speed transmission, key less chuck, great balance and runs magnificently.
As a hammer drill I only use it for 1/4” anchors(for steel stud track into concrete)handles up to 2” anchors well.Dewaltcordless2

Serious saw action

Next up in the remodelers tool kit for serious demo work is the sawsall aka Reciprocating saw. This is the next step for slashing walls open and doing rough cutting. The yellow tab is the blade lock and release. Uses standard blades, and cuts forever. Dewaltsawall1

Here is why this tool really shines. See those slots? The horizontal one allows you to insert blades sideways to a standard tool. It takes a little getting used to, but there are some places where this is the tool. The vertical slot allows you to install the blade with the teeth either up or down, which when you are cutting sole plates out, let you cut without cutting the joists underneath or destroy the blade cutting through concrete. Dewaltsawall2

The shoe has three 1/2 ” adjustments so you can start with the shoe extended and move it in as you use the tool getting the most out of your blades.¬† Dewaltsawall3

Like I said earlier I got a kit. All the tools fit well, and with batteries attached, which some tools don’t.


The Circular Saw is not a production tool, due to battery life and not lack of power. Uses standard 7 1/4”’ blades, has a cast¬† shoe, and depth and angle adjustments.


The strangest thing in this kit was the light. It was only until the first time I needed to work in a dark attic that I saw just how useful it is.

Dewaltlight These are really great tools. It is not just me, but most of the sub contractors I have worked with over the past 2 years use them as well. You can buy them at Amazon and get free shipping.

The batteries recharge in an hour, the chargers stop when the batteries are charged when you are not watching the clock. (plus they are recyclable) You can spend less, but you will cry. You can spend more, but why bother? Dewalt has a couple hundred tools in this system. The only thing they don’t have is someone else to do the work.

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