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January 2009
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Guides, Materials, and Green Links

There are a lot of sites and companies that are promoting green products and technologies. A lot of them just don't pass the smell test, either having a math problem, or mounting some sort of ad campaign to get you to think that they have been green since the beginning of time. Remodeling provides an opportunity to incorporate some of this stuff into your home. 

I have a few Green sites I have in my feed reader, and here are a few notable links over the past few days.

From Green by Design:

Paints Guide A excellent overview of current paints, with special attention to varieties and brands.

Lighting Guide Clears up a lot of clutter surrounding lighting.

From Greentech Media:

Building a Cool World, With New Roofs Discussing things like foam roofing. which is near and dear to my heart not only for insulation value, but also sound control as I live under an airport landing pattern.

CleanBoard Turns Sun's Heat to Drywall An interesting company using solar energy to produce drywall.

Buildings Without Air Conditioners: The Latest in Energy Efficiency Food for thought, as A/C does suck up really large amounts of energy.

From CleanTechnica:

Mini Nuclear Power Plants For Your Neighborhood In Five Years Becoming a nuclear power and a utility company.

Japanese Company Making CD/DVD Cases With Rice-Based Plastic This is good news as my current addiction to DVD entertainment usually wipes out any gains I make toward renewable things I do.