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February 2009
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Cleaning your LCD Screens

If you have any LCD screens, either monitors or TV’s, they attract dust and dirt. You cannot clean them with standard glass cleaners, especially those with ammonia. Ammonia dissolves the plastic.

There is an easy, cheap and effective solution.
You need Distilled Water and Isopropyl Alcohol. About 3 bucks.
LcdcleanerYou need distilled water, as it has all of the crap that is in tap water removed. The alcohol should be at least 91% without any additives like perfumes or dyes. (No Rubbing Alcohol) You also need a lint free cloth of some sort, old clean t-shirt, hanky, microfibercloth.

To clean your LCD Screens
Turn them Off.
(you will destroy them if you try cleaning while they are on)
Mix a solution of distilled water and alcohol 50-50 in a container that you can label and store.
Lightly apply the solution with your cloth, with soft strokes.
Lightly wipe the screen to remove any residue.
Put your stuff away and you can go back to what you were doing.

Here is an explanation at WikiHow if you don’t like mine:)

By the way, you can use this mix on glass, plastic, and other hard surfaces.
Easy, Cheap and Organic.

2 comments to Cleaning your LCD Screens

  • LCD screen monitors and TV’s screens are mostly attract the dust so we can clean the screen. because of any interrupt. to clean the screen with soft cloths or paper. ammonia and distilled water are used for clean the screen. i have a LCD i also used ammonia to clean that. if you have some more solutions for cleaning the screen please give more information about that.

  • Ammonia is NOT recommended by any flat panel manufacturer as it degrades the screens.