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April 2009
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Caravan Adventures

The workhorse of my life has developed transmission problems. Downshifting into low when you are driving down the road. At 35 miles an hour it is annoying, but at freeway speeds it is downright scary. Not recommended in a hot climate nor in Phoenix, as the heat buildup will destroy it.

This has severely handicapped me in moving materials and tools. A 10 on the life suckage meter for sure.

It is in the capable hands of my mechanic, who shall remain nameless, as he has enough work, and if I tell you who and where, you will all run over their making it harder for me to get service. Normally I am happy to share my partners in remodeling and construction with you, but you will have to find your own mechanic.

But I am not without resources and friends. I am currently cruising around in a 1986 Ford Tempo. 30K actual miles, as they only used it for cruising around
town at their northern hideaway.

Interesting little car, as it was one of the cars that had an Automatic Seatbelt ‘Feature’. It is every bit as strange as it sounds. Sort of like so many horror
films where the victim would sit in a chair and straps and manacles
would snap into place letting the monster know it was time to go to work. What happens is when you get in the car, and close the door, you turn on the key, and the seat belt runs along a track over the door and tightens itself around you. It does not let you go until the engine is off and you open the door.

But it is a set of wheels, and my adaptability index is high. I am a remodeler.

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