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April 2009
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Why Remodel?

Today my current client mentioned why she is remodeling.

"I want this to be the house that the other kids want to hang out at."

Can't argue with that.

Roofing Repair Project Act 5

Now that the repair is complete it is time for the roofer. Here is Vern from Collum Roofing, on Thursday morning starting with the roofing felt. They did find a good match in style and color for the replacement shingles. Client Mom Approved!


At the end of the day, the  area under the AC unit is covered. The ridge is still raw but is not critical for placing the AC unit.

Friday¬† morning, Dave from MD’s arrives to place the AC unit. The crane was late due to traffic. (Note: No matter how well you schedule and how good your people are, things happen) About an hour later the unit is set, reconnected and tested.

Saturday morning, the roofer was back and finished the roof.

The Roofing Repair Project is complete.


This project started as simple statement.

“When it rains the trim around my bathroom door leaks”.

The visual cues told two stories. The first was the visual damage in which told us there was damage and the patio cover was a contributor.
This caused us to repair the patio cover, which we did.
There are no isolated events in remodeling. Something is always related to what you are doing, and the bite it takes out of your butt hopefully is small.
This pushed our original schedule back a week, with the weekend and all. We were able to schedule our crane and the tear off as our roofer is flexible and we have worked with them before.

The repairs were straightforward in as much as anything in remodeling can be, which brings us to the conclusion of this project.

When you are scheduling remodeling, always allow extra time, at a minimum 50-100%. This way when projects happen smoothly and quickly you can pat yourself on the back and enjoy some of that time smiling at yourselves.
When the project sucks up all the available time, you will not have stressed yourself out.