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April 2009
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Chicken Tips

A lot of house bloggers seem to be channeling  Green Acres with raising  chickens. When I was a young lad in Northern Minnesota, I lived with my grandparents for a number of years.
We raised chickens, usually a hundred at a whack. From the delivery in January, keeping them warm in the attic with light bulbs, to corralling them in the run and coop, to their eventual demise with a Michigan double bit ax wielded by my grandmother at o dark hundred, with me acting as the chase crew and chief scalder and plucker.

We raised for meat and not eggs. One of our neighbors did the egg thing and we swapped. You slaughter while they are sleeping so that you can get a number of chickens processed before they wake up and go crazy, making it almost impossible to get them plucked, gutted and cleaned before you had to get ready for school. Yeah, you worked on a farm.

We raised White longhorns, which at the time, around 50 years ago, were the Cadillac of meat producing chickens. One of the things that chickens do is get chicken lice. Like dogs with fleas, chickens get lice. Lice powder is white and you sprinkle and rub it on the chickens to get rid of lice.

It is every bit as amusing as you might think. White powder on White chickens. My grandfather came up with the most elegant solution for doing this effectively. We mixed powdered blue carpenters chalk with the powder. This let you see how well you did as well as letting you know that the chickens were done.

If you are going to raise chickens keep this in mind.