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May 2009
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Lightyear Sunken Bath

The latest project is the Lightyear Sunken Bath. Here is the first photo. This has to be one of those design farts that sucked every bit of common sense out of the designer who thought this was a good idea. It has a 5” high curb, and  tiled throughout.

Do not get me started on the wisdom of this window. Single pane glass even at 1/4” thick is not a good idea in Phoenix, Arizona, especially as we are creeping to break the record of 13 days over 100 degrees in May.

Here is the second photo. Yes it looks like a shower that you would find in just about every locker room on the planet, but if you look closely, you can see the spigot that makes it a tub also. Looking even closer there is no overflow vent.

Here is the third photo. Your standard 5′ steel/fiberglass tub is wider inside than this number.

It is going to be replaced with a 3′ wide jacuzzi tub and solid surface walls. 10 jets to bubble around and to pamper the client.

Now for the lightyear bit. This master bath is at the absolute other end of the house from the electric panel and the water heater. The house is 36′ deep and 88′ wide. About 2600 sq.ft. livable. Garage doesn’t count as livable.

We looked at on demand heaters to tuck in the wall to heat up the water in here, but by the time we had sized one large enough to fill and heat the water in the jac, the wiring cost in size of conductor and length of the runs, would have paid off the debt of a small country. (ask your electrician how much it will cost for two 100′, 240 volt, 60 amp runs. sit down first..)

We will be installing a tall water heater in the room just outside the bath and filling the tub up with that.

We are getting to this just in time. This is the back side of the wet wall.