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May 2009
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Lightyear Sunken Bath Episode 2

Having sorted out most of the decisions regarding fixtures, plumbing and electrical requirements, here is where we are. We have demoed the walls to the studs which are 2×2’s with 1 1/2” fiberglass insulation. That’s fiberglass strapping holding the batts in place.

They used regular drywall that they stapled chicken wire to, as the ground for the 1/2” of mortar for the coat of thinset that they actually embedded the tile with.


Here are the raw goods.


Here is the drain which we need to uncover to make our connection for the new jacuzzi tub.


It doesn’t look like much, but that damn hole was good for 7 5 gal. buckets of concrete trash.


Having gotten that done, I have put up the new wall for the valve and shower.


Since we are putting a 5 foot long 3 foot wide tub, I have framed this wall to the rough opening needed. The original wall will be re-framed giving me a 13 inch wall across the outside. I will cover that with plywood before drywalling so the client can mount hooks and or hangers anywhere on it they want.

The plumber will work his magic so that the water and vents will be inside the new wall for most of their runs, giving me space to put an open shelf on the toilet side to replace the awkward boards that were there before.

Since we are installing a water heater on this side of the house, we will split off the master bath and vanities and supply the other bath on this end of the house.

I mentioned that this house has almost no closet space or storage. Having sorted out the laundry room on the other side,  I am going to make some storage here.

This is the doorway to the back area.


The door is coming out, the opening will be framed down a bit, a bi-fold matching the existing doors installed and some cabinets or shelving will be installed.

There  are some framing challenges ahead.


The water heater will sit on the back wall, the subpanel will be mounted on the wall next to the door, a small soffit for the new plumbing and electric runs, a wall will go across here and the door will be installed.

2 comments to Lightyear Sunken Bath Episode 2

  • Karen Staples

    Was this back area some sort of walled patio? Now it’s the laundry? Almost as funky as my house. Can’t wait to see the fix.

  • Karen,

    This area off the master bath was a walled patio. You get points for catching that. Probably why they thought that a clear window was a ‘good’ idea.

    The laundry was a part of the original house.