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August 2009
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those darn designers 1

I run across a lot of weird things in remodeling. Occasionally something appears that reinforces my long held belief that architects and designers should be required to serve an internship and residency like doctors before they get a license to practice. Like vaulted ceilings. Heating and cooling spaces you cannot possibly use because you are not 10 feet tall.
A lot of other things that gripe me is the lack of thought on maintenance down the road.

A recent paint job brings this home. Here are two bathrooms in the same house.


Never mind the counter material choice, think about having to replace the guts of these toilets. There is enough room to remove the top, but that is about it. You can almost replace the flapper, but if you have to replace the fill valve, you literally have to disconnect the toilet and drag it out from the wall. In addition to the fill valve, you will need a new wax ring, and have to go through the dance to reseal it properly.

those darn designers.

7 comments to those darn designers 1

  • I’ll bite. What’s wrong with the counter material?

    Replacing the toilet guts looks like a challenge. Really depends on the how much space you really have.

    Why is the tub drain closed?

  • It is in terrible shape. It is one of the very first epoxy crushed stone tops. Fake marble.

    Not enough space. Even for the slimline valves.

    Tub drain is closed so the screws, hangers, pulls and handles don’t get lost while storing them in the tub while painting the room.

  • I think this is a really interesting take on the inexperienced designers. I guess apprenticeship is preferred in all those fields that involve practical work.

  • I sometimes think remodelling is worse than costructinmg it for the first time.You have done an incredible job here.

  • beautiful job done.And the esthetics maintained also.

  • Brooksie

    Architects are REQUIRED to completed the Intern Development Program (IDP), that’s approximately three years of apprenticeship, before taking the nine state Architecture Registration Exams (AREs) before becoming licensed.

    Interior designers generally don’t have any legal requirements for practice unless the individual state has mandated it.

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