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October 2009
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Moving from Typepad

Hallelujah! I am finally moving away from TypePad. To WordPress.

Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
My new site is here. Bookmark It!!
Thanks to the folks at foliovision.com and this guide: Moving from Typepad to WordPress: 2009 Guide .

The guide is comprehensive, but complex. If you know your way around websites, hosting, FTP, and things like regex, you can do it yourself. If you are not comfortable with these, they offer a paid service to do it for you. It is 350 bucks, which is worth it if you have a site with a lot of materiel, especially images.

My new site is here. Bookmark It!!

It is not about the money as TypePad is a paid service, but is all about being locked into a system with limited expansion, terrible tech support, and regaining my freedom.

4 comments to Moving from Typepad

  • All of my sites have been on WP (including my latest fence products site I am still finishing) and I love them, luckily I was pointed to WP from my beginnings of blogs and have never left. Good luck with the new site/url. Are you worried about losing PR and such?

  • Cheryl

    It might be me – but on your new site if I click on one of the categories on the right I don’t see any of the pictures (just get the little red x in a box). If I am on the home page & scroll down, I see pictures for the old entries. I used the “painting popcorn ceiling” entry as my test.

    By the way – loved “those darn designers 1″ and would love to see more designer stupidity!

  • You are right Cheryl. The import process hasn’t gone as seamless as I would have liked. Am working on it, Stay tuned…

  • Cheryl

    Good luck with that – not sure I would have the patience for it. The fix for the pictures is probably more tedious and time consuming than really difficult.

    You would think they would have encountered this before and had a better import process. You can’t be the first person to move from Typepad to WordPress.

    Hope you are able to write some sort of computer script to automate the process once you have it figured out.