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November 2009
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Moving from Typepad 3

Finally got all the photos to show up. The problem is when using paid typepad to upload photos, it clones them, making two photos with different names then calls both of them when you insert it into a posting, effectively doubling the bandwidth overhead.

Consider this image.
When I uploaded it, it was named 42inches.jpg.
when typepad inserted it, it was renamed and it changed it into two images,
I don’t even want to think about how much space the names take up. It used an A anchor tag for the first one (an anchor tag is what is used most often for links) and the second uses anĀ  img tag which is what it is for.
If you have a lot of photos, your bandwidth bill skyrockets.

Don’t even get me started on the quantserve 1 pixel gif tracking.
It is still an ugly mess in the code. I have to rebuild my various guides, but hey everybody knows we should have built the second prototype first.

And despite the image problems, which is a typepad problem, self hosted WordPress is a great blog platform.

Yep. typepad can kiss my furry Swedish ass.

2 comments to Moving from Typepad 3

  • Greg M

    I’ve never used typepad, so I don’t know for sure – but from what you’ve described, the -800wi1 image sounds like it is a smaller, resized version, while the -pi one is the original. In fact, doing it this way SAVES you bandwidth overall, because when people load the page, it loads a smaller resized version. If they click the image, then it loads the full version. If most people click, then yes, you use more bandwidth overall. I’d guess most people DON’T click though, and thus you are saved bandwidth because only a small fraction of people download the full size image.

  • Greg,
    No cigar. the images are identical in size. I size my images before uploading in every case.