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November 2009
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Flat Screen TV Install Episode 2

One of the objectives is to de-clutter the viewing area for the new flat screen. Behind the old TV was this.
Cables everwhere
Here is the rats nest of old cable, new cable, surround sound cables, connectors for the old vcr and splitters.

After demoing the box on the closet side, I reused the lumber to create the new wall on this side. I used the bracket to locate the 2- 2 1/2” holes for the various cables to pass through. The new TV has the connectors on the right, but in the case they replace this TV they have the ability to hide the cables regardless of which side the TV connects.

I may have mentioned before that remodeling is never as easy as the plan. You know, demo the closet, build a wall, mount the TV, build some shelves. Well the demo brought up a surprise with the outlet that had been supplying power to the old TV. There was a standard piece of 12/2 romex as expected for the end of a circuit. There was also a piece of 12/3 romex that terminated in the box. Somebody had wired 1/2 of the plug on one circuit and the other half was a different circuit, both fed from the same breaker.

But Wait! There’s More! Not only were there two circuits in this box, but the outlets, lights and fans in the viewing room were also on the same circuit. This led to computers eating power supplies, fans shutting down computers and other interesting effects.
Code? Code is not even in the same county!
A call to Joe the Electrician brought him out to straighten out this mess. We now have a dedicated circuit for the computers, a separate lighting and fan circuit, and a circuit for the TV.
We are moving on.

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