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November 2009
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Flat Screen TV Install Episode 3 Pantry Side

Having finished the viewing side and mounted the TV,
It is time to check the progress on the pantry side.

After removing the box that held the old TV, we sorted out the wiring. We also saw a bit of history. This area was originally a pantry that was about 8 feet wide. It was shortened to install a built in large side by side reefer/freezer during a previous kitchen remodel. It was further shortened with the arrival of the projection TV.
The various colors display the history of shelving.

One of the things we are trying to do is to recover the maximum amount of space. One of these areas in behind the built in reefer.
This was the access for the back of the reefer.
There is a good bit of space behind this wall. First up was to open up this wall to access the area for storing the 16 folding chairs and 4 folding tables that used to be in the main closet. Trust me it was packed.
One of the requirements was shelves that were at least 14” wide and 21 inches high for a series of serving dishes. They could be higher as these are not everyday dishes.
Hollow core doors to the rescue. We bought a 30” bifold door, and remodeled it to provide the shelves we needed.  Basically we cut the door into two pieces, and joined them together to form our shelves.  We installed 1/2” cleats around the perimeter to hold the shelves in place.
Here is a detail.
We only needed to add 5/8” to the end of the doors for a perfect fit.
Hollow core doors are not for heavy shelving applications. But there are many places where you need wider than normal shelving and these are a cheap alternative to manfacturing shelving in odd spaces. Occasionally you can find them in the clearance bins at the big box stores due to a surface defect that will not hurt their lives as shelving.

2 comments to Flat Screen TV Install Episode 3 Pantry Side

  • Karen Staples

    Hey, I just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your blog. There are a multitude of issues in my 30 year old house due to the fact that it was built by an idiot and alsomy misguided DIY projects over the years. I have seen some great ideas and learned the right way from your site. Just wish you lived in Northern California so you could help me sort this mess out. Love the pictures and detailed information. Not every site has that.

    Karen Staples