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December 2009
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Plumbing Air Admittance Valves

One of the most difficult remodeling jobs is replacing waste and vent stacks. Most plumbing vents penetrate the roof at some point. This has the potential of leaking. I try avoiding plumbing wherever I can. It is not lack of ability or tools, as I have a plumbing kit and have done it. It is one of those deals where a good plumber is worth every nickel.

One of the latest things I have discovered but not tried yet are Air Admittance Valves which I discovered from the folks at Better DIY. There area number of places where this would be just the ticket. Especially in eliminating roof penetrations.

Besides remodeling I think about building my dream house. One of the things I include is eliminating roof penetrations of any sort. And a Flat Roof scheme. I am an advocate of foam roofing. I live under an aircraft landing patterns and unless the wind conditions are just right, I just don’t hear the planes. My roof are 2×8’s with a 3/4 plywood deck, r 19 insulation and 5/8” drywall. Normally this would act like a big drum, but the foam isolates the noise very well. and The insulation is a plus also. The only current downside to foam roofing currently is needing to renew the roof coating every 5-10 years.

I will build the house once I win the lottery.

2 comments to Plumbing Air Admittance Valves

  • A classmate urged me to read this page, nice post, fascinating read… keep up the nice work!

  • I am building a geodesic,all concrete, dome house. Being a concrete dome, it has no shingles and thus nothing to blow off in a hurricane. However, that means the roof waterproofing is the paint. That’s it, just the paint. Works well but penetrations (for vent plumbing) are hard to seal just right. I used air admittance valves (AAV’s) on all the fixtures and put a single vent for the system just outside the wall, on the outside of the house, and it passed inspection. Not a SINGLE roof penetration!