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January 2010
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Typepad - Tacky, Tacky, Tacky,

I moved from Typepad on Oct. 16th 2009. You don’t have enough time for me to go through the myriad reasons for this. Suffice to say that Typepad is real tacky even after I left.
Here is a current screen shot of the old URL the headlemur.typepad.com

Basically they are sucking every bit of google juice they can. They are also spying on everybody who lands there with a Quantcast cookie as well. You can view source in your browser over there and see for yourself. Using the 1pixel gif dodge.

Start Quantcast tag
script src=”http://edge.quantserve.com/quant.js” type=”text/javascript” /script script type=”text/javascript”

a href=”http://www.quantcast.com/p-fcYWUmj5YbYKM” target=”_blank”
img src=”http://pixel.quantserve.com/pixel/p-fcYWUmj5YbYKM.gif?tags=typepad.core” style=”display: none” border=”0″ height=”1″ width=”1″ alt=”Quantcast”

End Quantcast tag

I wonder who is making money on this?
Tacky Tacky Tacky

UPDATE: 1/19/2010

Finally deleted it after only 3 months.

2 comments to Typepad – Tacky, Tacky, Tacky,

  • Brooks

    Wow, that is tacky. Since I read by RSS feed mostly, and hadn’t deleted the feed from the old site, they were showing up mixed in with stuff on the real site, under your name. I sort of wondered why you were doing that, but figured you’d found a supplier you wanted to recommend and didn’t have time for a real post, and I didn’t think much of it.

  • Colleen

    Hi there! Looks like that was actually a spam blog. We’ve nuked it :) Thanks for the heads up!