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June 2010
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Storage Project 2

After moving the stuff out of the ‘storage’ unit demo commences.  Here is that wall with the drywall removed.

This offends me on so many levels. To call this shitty construction would give shitty a bad name. Notice that the header has no trimmer, nor are there any cripple studs above the ‘header’. This is not a load bearing wall, but it is just poor construction. Notice that the drywall on the inside of the wall is intact. This is because when they installed the pocket door they did not attach the drywall to the door stretchers. No screw holes! They had three nails holding the top of the frame attached to the header and two cut nails attaching it to the concrete. Basically the drywall and trim boards held this in place.

This home was a premium house when it was built. Block construction, large rooms, full baths, pool, blah, blah, blah.  If this is how little home builders care about the details just because it is a garage, think about where else they cut corners. Better yet don’t .

10 foot Living in an 8 foot world

I mentioned that I had a 10’wide opening to frame in. I have 8 foot material. The bottom plate would be cut open later for my door. So I measured and installed the bottom plate with PowerGrab and Drive anchors.  The guy who takes this out will swear a lot. I put the ‘seam’ in the middle of my doorway.

Since this is not a load bearing wall I will not be using a double top plate. Nor is there room to frame it up as a wall section and horse it in place. I measured and cut my material to get the length I needed. To get it up in one piece I screwed a piece of material to hold it together while I installed it. I screwed it in because I will be removing it later.

I cut my two end studs and angled them next to the wall to give me room to install the top plate. I glued the top of the plate with PowerGrab, installed one end and snugged up the end stud. I went to the other corner and snugged up that stud. I then framed in my wall.

Because the door is a prehung exterior unit I did not build a double header, but I did cripple it.

No remodeling project no matter how small is complete without a surprise. Where the new wall meets the old lurks the first one. The old corner was bent in about a half inch. I had to cut it to straighten it. I screwed the new stud to the old one to maintain its integrity.  Figure 2 is where the original framer had to cut the wall stud to drywall.

I framed in the old pocket door opening and installed cripples above(not shown) and started the wiring for the various utilities.

Here is today’s Arizona construction tip. In the summer do the work in the attic early. It may be a dry heat outside, but in the attic it is not.

Storage Project 1

Storage, Storage, Storage!!! You have stuff, I have stuff, everybody has stuff. You need to store your stuff. Unless you live in a warehouse, you probably don’t have enough storage space. I am not talking about hoarding,  collecting burger shop glasses, or hobbies that involve large stationary power tools, but  just normal stuff.

Holiday stuff, camping stuff, sports stuff, and for those of you who live up north, your winter and summer stuff. (You know who you are and you know what I mean)

This is a photo of folks who have stuff. Look carefully at the photo as I explain how we will make storage. This is the back end of a garage.

Notice first the wire shelving on the left. It is a stainless steel rolling unit from Costco. About 90 bucks and worth every penny. It comes with 6 shelves that are 48” wide and 16” deep. It comes with serious 4”solid rubber casters and is 6 feet high when assembled. (I own 2 of them and recommend them highly) It is rated at 600 lbs, but in my own field testing have put more on them.  Moving on…

If you look about a foot to the left of the open door you will notice a 3-4” concrete curb. This curb is actually  part of the house slab.  The garage floor is at grade level.  The curb is going to support a wall that will run the width of the garage (23′) and be 44” deep inside.

This is the east side looking from the garage door area. It is 10 feet across from the door to the wall. Here I will frame a wall with a 36” steel door across this entire opening to meet the wall on the right.

This is the other side with the ‘storage’ originally designed. On the right is a storage unit that was added later. It is full too.

This unit has a pocket door, which is the only intelligent idea here. What I am going to do is to open this side of this wall,  remove the pocket door and frame in the opening, remove the short wall between the existing opening and the new wall creating a long storage room. I will wire it for cable, network and electricity for future uses. Stay tuned.