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June 2010
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Closet Office 4

There was a push to get the components up and running for the Internet install as the clients were bundling and changing providers. So there was a mad dash to get the stuff installed and connected. Mission accomplished.

Not shown but behind the LCD display is the 2 1/2” grommet for passing cables under the deck and out of sight.

Note: The deck is 29” off the floor. This allows you to slide a 2 drawer file cabinet underneath in case you want to.

A 2 1/2 ” grommet is standard and  can be found in the big box stores. So is the hole saw. Back in the day I used to install computers with parallel cables. They fit through this size. You don’t want to know what you have to do to customize a 2 1/4” grommet.

On the right is the trash shelf. I recycled the material from a shelving  unit from another closet. The slot on the bottom allows the client to collect trash for shredding and recycling. The slot was cut with a 2” hole saw and a jig saw was used to connect the two holes. I used blue tape on my cut lines to minimize chipping as I cut,

Checking Internet connectivity.

It works.

I will get some better pictures once we get all of the crap out of this room.

Cause all the stuff that was in the closet is behind me.