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July 2010
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Removing Painted Popcorn Ceilings 4

If you want to paint in Arizona near the outside, you need to start early. But it is done.

Here is where we started.

Here is a longer shot.

Here is the other side.

And here we are back at the Storage Project Wall.

Here is that start.

2 comments to Removing Painted Popcorn Ceilings 4

  • Karen Staples

    The before version of these folks’ garage beats my garage any day! Love your site. Just wish: a) you posted more often, and b) you lived in Northern California :-)

  • You Obviously Know what you’re doing And talking about…Nice, [And Rare to find here in AZ]…must be your Swede upbringin’ ;o) My Granddad was a Master Plasterer from Sweden & my Italian Father built his own home with the help of several Master Craftsmen I had the privilege to watch, help & learn from.[northern Illinois]

    I would have done the job Nearly the same way … with the exception of I’ve usually found it easiest to wet the ceiling before scraping And best to do a complete ‘skim-coat’ before priming. You’re absolutely correct, Sanding is best left to others! [I Knew there was a reason I ‘shoulda’ had kids!]
    Also,for covering the walls, I like using the 99″-draping plastic you can load on a hand masker [for speed of a one man operation]

    I’m ‘just sayin’ … you Know what ‘they’ say about Skinning a cat 😉