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December 2010
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Projects by Others

While waiting for things on current projects here are a few noteworthy projects happening elsewhere.
Three Acres has a great posting on Applying Garage Floor Epoxy. It is a great posting in explaining every step of the process.

The DIY Diva is moving right along. Here is a posting on her framing and blocking for cabinets and running various cables. Using spray foam and fiberglass insulation to seal walls. This is a neat idea that I will stick in my back pocket for the next building/framing project. Fiberglass is nice insulation but is real hard to get complete sealing with.

One Project Closer has a posting on a neat trick for fixing soffits when installing new cabinets without removing or replacing the old ones.

Todd at Home Construction and Improvement has a good overview of Basement Insulation for those of you who have basements. My feeling is a basement is a well you try to keep dry.

In the category of foam roofing is the Arizona Roofer with some great things and advice about roofing especially foam roofs. A great posting on working with your insurance company on repairs.

Meanwhile I am gathering info on solar collectors, batteries, inverters and the rest of the things to install solar for electricity and hot water.

Lowes steps up on Toxic Drywall

The majority of the ongoing toxic drywall cases have involved home builders and wholesale suppliers. On smaller projects and remodeling, Lowes is a great source of material. Lowes and the orange stores use local wholesalers to stock their shelves. Therein lies the tale of Lowes getting involved in this.

Lowes stepped up, acknowledging that some stores has sold it, and offered reparations. As the extent of the problems became more apparent, Lowes has upped it’s settlement offer.

Lowe’s Companies Inc. has dramatically increased the amount of money [1] it is prepared to offer customers whose health or homes were harmed by defective drywall they bought from its stores. Those customers are now eligible for up to $100,000 in cash, instead of the maximum $4,500 in cash and gift cards that was previously agreed upon in a class action lawsuit that is being negotiated in a Georgia state court.

The rest of the article is here; Lowe’s Amends Settlement to Get Drywall Victims More Money

Will this be enough to make folks whole? I don’t know as I am not dismantling these houses and testing them. But one thing is sure, Lowes is stepping up, and that is a good thing for DIY’ers.