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December 2010
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Projects by Others

While waiting for things on current projects here are a few noteworthy projects happening elsewhere.
Three Acres has a great posting on Applying Garage Floor Epoxy. It is a great posting in explaining every step of the process.

The DIY Diva is moving right along. Here is a posting on her framing and blocking for cabinets and running various cables. Using spray foam and fiberglass insulation to seal walls. This is a neat idea that I will stick in my back pocket for the next building/framing project. Fiberglass is nice insulation but is real hard to get complete sealing with.

One Project Closer has a posting on a neat trick for fixing soffits when installing new cabinets without removing or replacing the old ones.

Todd at Home Construction and Improvement has a good overview of Basement Insulation for those of you who have basements. My feeling is a basement is a well you try to keep dry.

In the category of foam roofing is the Arizona Roofer with some great things and advice about roofing especially foam roofs. A great posting on working with your insurance company on repairs.

Meanwhile I am gathering info on solar collectors, batteries, inverters and the rest of the things to install solar for electricity and hot water.

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