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September 2021
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About your host

I was raised by Swedes in northern Minnesota, learning carpentry and cabinet making from my grandfather, a master cabinet maker from Sweden. I spent years in construction, residential and commercial, and remodeling from foundation to punch list. I have been a Union  Carpenter, (both wood and steel stud), Remodeling Contractor, Crew Foreman, Superintendent, Project Manager, Cabinet Maker,  (both custom and production) Professional Drywaller, (from single family houses, and commercial drywall, including fire safety renovations, multi hour drywall assemblies, including elevator shafts, lead lined radiation rooms, and fire rated partitions. If it can be covered in drywall, I have probably done it, multiple times.

There is nothing in a house I have not done at one time or another. From site work to finishes.

I moved to Arizona in the late 70’s and tried to quit. You can see how well that has worked out. I worked in the auto recycling (junkyards) and bodyshop business for 9 years. When I am not remodeling, I build websites, specialty computers, and networks for my internet clients.

geeks are known for wonderful things. construction is not at the top of the list. the head lemur has decided that for all the help he has received over the years from folks on computers and pixel mechanics, he will share what he knows about construction and remodeling.

this will not be a theoretical discussion, but a down and dirty show and tell account about ripping out walls, building things, controlling the insanity, cleaning up the mess, details, and practices with real life examples ripped from the life of the head lemur.

bon appetit.

But I have returned to remodeling. In these pages on this site, I post about projects I am doing for myself as well as projects I do for clients. I illustrate projects, tip and techniques, with photos whenever I can.

Be advised that these are things that have worked for me. Your mileage may vary.

Everything I say here are my opinions. Tools and materials that I mention I own. Bought and paid for with my own money.  I have no arraignments or deals with any of the companies whose products I talk about.

Bon Appetit!

email: remodgeek@lemurzone.com