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September 2021
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Closet Office 5

In a previous posting I explained why I built the deck and the support cleats the way I did, I showed the trash shelf side, but didn’t go into detail on the other side.  I cut the deck short on both sides deliberately.

The first reason is it is  a whole lot easier to install it especially when your walls are not square or flat.

Secondly is wire and cable management. Look at your desk right now. You probably have wires all over. If you have pets they are probably getting fuzzy.

Here is the left side of the desk.

At the top center is the DSL modem for the internet. The day before yesterday there was a cable modem and a cable router.

Below that is an 8 port D Link hub for the network wires we added in other areas of the house. Behind the Fax machine is the phone lines for the modem and Fax machine. There are still a lot of business that requires faxes.   Also not shown is the cover plate for the network and CATV cables.

Here is a closer view of the tower and the surge suppressor. Don’t connect electronics without one.

The tower box was built out of leftover material from another project. I attached it to the underside of the deck to keep it off the floor and make it easier to clean around. Plus keeping the cables off the ground. On the left is the surge suppressor,(I use Belkin) which has everything plugged into it. They can reach the plugs if they have to change things as well as adding new stuff.   This has the switch pointed out so that when they are not going to be using the office they can shut down the entire system saving money without having vampire drains on the electric system. You would be surprised how much electricity these things use on standby.

Yes I still need to clean up the cables, but it will be easy. I like easy.

Closet Office 1

This is a typical closet in a ‘modern’ home. Around 2 feet deep, 7 feet wide and on the inside 8 feet tall.

This design is cheap and fast to build and keeps the bi fold and slide-by door industries alive. It is also the whipping boy and training center for young drywall hangers and tapers. Closets are the last things to get hung and taped so they are usually not the best finished inside.

We will turn this into a home office. We will need to install electricity, cabling for network, telephone, space for the cable modem, router, hub, a desk surface, shelving and storage. We are not changing the basic exterior dimensions as the window on the right side limits depth expansion. But I will grab every bit of space I can.
The area above the header on the inside is awkward as a closet as anybody who has been smacked on the head is probably nodding.

We are going to create storage here. First up after removing the rod and shelf,(leaving the cleats as we will be reusing the shelf) we run a band of 2×4 around the interior of the closet above the door opening.

This will serve as the ceiling for the office as well as the deck for the storage above. I placed these above the opening in front to flat tape the ceiling and not need to skim coat the walls.
After completing the deck/ceiling I opened up the front of the closet from the top of the header to the bottom of the top plates. There were no cripples above the header, which is just a 2×4 flat with a 2×4 nailed to it in front for nailing and hopefully to keep the opening level.

I also pulled a power leg from the outlet I have already run to power the overhead light.

After cleaning up the opening I corner beaded it on both sides and mudded it.

Tip: In spaces like this, finish the mudding before installing the floor and ceiling. You may also to paint it also.

Next up, rough in and taping.

Moving from Typepad

Hallelujah! I am finally moving away from TypePad. To WordPress.

Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
My new site is here. Bookmark It!!
Thanks to the folks at foliovision.com and this guide: Moving from Typepad to WordPress: 2009 Guide .

The guide is comprehensive, but complex. If you know your way around websites, hosting, FTP, and things like regex, you can do it yourself. If you are not comfortable with these, they offer a paid service to do it for you. It is 350 bucks, which is worth it if you have a site with a lot of materiel, especially images.

My new site is here. Bookmark It!!

It is not about the money as TypePad is a paid service, but is all about being locked into a system with limited expansion, terrible tech support, and regaining my freedom.

42 Inches of Surfing

One of the things that I looked for in getting a flat screen TV was the ability to plug in other devices. My primary purpose was to watch DVD Movies and TV Series. Nothing brightens up a series than being able to watch it without commercial interruption.

A 42 inch screen is a pleasure. Because I do a lot of stuff on the web, I bolted together some parts from old computers including an old RAEDON video card and hooked up.


Works great. I have a wireless mouse and keyboard by Logitec that I bought at Costco, controlling it from 12 feet away. The Logitec Is NOT recommended as the keyboard feels like somebody poured syrup under the keys. Real squishy strokes. Like typing through snot. Not recommended.
I ended up with the Logitec as Costco stopped selling the Labtech sets that I really like.

But as a proof of concept it works well.

Safe Surfing for Windows Users

Sorry about the lack of posting. In addition to remodeling things for folks, I also build and maintain websites and small computer networks.
Computer security is an arms and armor problem. You can build a better tank, and someone will build a better rocket. Better armor, better rocket…

Part of this has me keeping up on new threats to my clients and myself. And now you. If your computer is screwed up you can't visit:)

The Conflicker worm is the latest one to infect Windows Machines.

To give you an idea of how serious this is, Microsoft is offering $250,000,00 for the capture of the folks who created this. A quarter million from a company known for it's denial of criticism of it's products until it gets slapped around by the independent security community.They are getting better, but not all that much.

There are solutions from Microsoft. The first link will patch the code that Conflicker uses to infect your machine. The second is the latest version of Microsoft's Malicious Software Removal Tool.

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS08-067 – Critical
Vulnerability in Server Service Could Allow Remote Code Execution (958644)

Microsoft® Windows® Malicious Software Removal Tool (KB890830)

These are not a replacement for having an anti virus program on your machine. These only deal with this problem, today.(there is already a new version of conflicker showing up) and no this is not of one of those deals that you can or should wait until they issue more patches or fixes.

If you want to keep surfing safely and hopefully visiting here, this is what I use. These are also what I recommend and install on my client machines.
All these programs are Free. Some have paid versions, which if circumstances warrant, and you can afford it, are worth the money.
My browser is FireFox
My Email Program is Thundebird
My Anti Virus program is AVG which is free for personal use.
My personal fire wall product is COMODO
I also use Ad Blocker Plus, because I visit a lot of sites, and am not going to respond to ads. Pages load faster without waiting some ad server to load crap and tracking cookies on my machine.

These work for me, and may work for you.