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September 2021
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Flat Screen TV Price Drop

Flat screen TV is the cats ass for watching movies and series on DVD. Prices are gonna drop like an asteroid crashing into the sea. If you are thinking about one, after thanksgiving by about 10 days or so should see you getting a great deal.

This is my 42'' Visio. HD Programs are sharp enough to slice your eyeballs.  1080p and more plugs than you can possibly use in the back. Has 2 AV inputs, 2 Component inputs, with HDMI, which will play blue ray as well as standard DVD's

I watch a lot of movies and series TV. I own them all. I build my own shelving. There is nothing like watching an entire season without commercial interruption. Admittedly, 22 'hour' long episodes makes for a long day, but with a comfy chair, a hot air popcorn popper, and beverages, it is doable. Plus you can take breaks anytime you want.

Not a lot of series go 22 anymore, it is more like 12-15, but it extremely enjoyable this way. So much so, that I watch only a few actual shows at the time that they are on. There is enough stuff going on that I can wait until the season comes out on DVD.

Enough about my habits, since this is about flat screen TV's. Also, keep your eyes peeled for Tool bargains as the housing market has put a real hurt on the big box stores as well as electronics and just about everything that goes into houses.