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September 2021
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Baby’s First Steps

My current project is a freshen up for a house. My number one daughter has been working along side of me.
Yesterday she took her first steps on drywall stilts.

Cutting in ceilings is sooo much easier on stilts vs moving ladders.

Cabinet Caper

Had an old cabinet. Left side was a printer stand for tractor feed paper. Needed a file cabinet for the Closet Office.

Skilsaw action ensues.

Trim n Paint

Leftovers. No custom closet office is complete without a custom trash can.

Cut down old drawer front, made note and key board.

42 Inches of Surfing

One of the things that I looked for in getting a flat screen TV was the ability to plug in other devices. My primary purpose was to watch DVD Movies and TV Series. Nothing brightens up a series than being able to watch it without commercial interruption.

A 42 inch screen is a pleasure. Because I do a lot of stuff on the web, I bolted together some parts from old computers including an old RAEDON video card and hooked up.


Works great. I have a wireless mouse and keyboard by Logitec that I bought at Costco, controlling it from 12 feet away. The Logitec Is NOT recommended as the keyboard feels like somebody poured syrup under the keys. Real squishy strokes. Like typing through snot. Not recommended.
I ended up with the Logitec as Costco stopped selling the Labtech sets that I really like.

But as a proof of concept it works well.

Before and After 09 – This D*mn House @ One Project Closer

One of my favorite house blogs is This D*mn House. Nicole the proprietress, has no fear, tools and an 'I can do it' spirit.  The perfect woman. Really.
One Project Closer is another house blog on my list,  holds a yearly contest to spotlight DIY projects, and support Habitat for Humanity.

Connecting the dots puts Nicole and One Project Closer on the same page with her Before & After: Brick Porch and Walkway project.

Congrats to Nicole and thanks to Fred and the folks at OPC.

Remodeling Chic

Pizza Pro 3000

Hat Tip to Charles and Hudson for this one.

Remodeling? No, I don’t have a problem.

Remodeling is like any other human activity. You can get addicted.
Some sure signs that you are getting there.

Stopping by the 'home depot' on your way home from work.

Bringing baked goods to the neighbor with a pick up truck.

Going for saturday coffee at the building supply store.

Your shop vac is your most important cleaning tool.

You buy tools for Valentines Day.

You never leave the house without a tape measure.

All your friends have paint spattered clothing.

You Tivo the Home and Garden Channel

You are reading this and nodding your head.