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September 2021
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Projects by Others

While waiting for things on current projects here are a few noteworthy projects happening elsewhere.
Three Acres has a great posting on Applying Garage Floor Epoxy. It is a great posting in explaining every step of the process.

The DIY Diva is moving right along. Here is a posting on her framing and blocking for cabinets and running various cables. Using spray foam and fiberglass insulation to seal walls. This is a neat idea that I will stick in my back pocket for the next building/framing project. Fiberglass is nice insulation but is real hard to get complete sealing with.

One Project Closer has a posting on a neat trick for fixing soffits when installing new cabinets without removing or replacing the old ones.

Todd at Home Construction and Improvement has a good overview of Basement Insulation for those of you who have basements. My feeling is a basement is a well you try to keep dry.

In the category of foam roofing is the Arizona Roofer with some great things and advice about roofing especially foam roofs. A great posting on working with your insurance company on repairs.

Meanwhile I am gathering info on solar collectors, batteries, inverters and the rest of the things to install solar for electricity and hot water.

Before and After 09 – This D*mn House @ One Project Closer

One of my favorite house blogs is This D*mn House. Nicole the proprietress, has no fear, tools and an 'I can do it' spirit.  The perfect woman. Really.
One Project Closer is another house blog on my list,  holds a yearly contest to spotlight DIY projects, and support Habitat for Humanity.

Connecting the dots puts Nicole and One Project Closer on the same page with her Before & After: Brick Porch and Walkway project.

Congrats to Nicole and thanks to Fred and the folks at OPC.

Finishing School

Once the painting is done, it is time to fill the rooms back up.
This bedroom has a pirates of the carribean theme. The rail surrounding the bed is made from off the shelf rail parts. The ceiling decoration is wallpaper border. The curtains were standard until carl took the scissors to it.

The frames for the posters are painted on. Blue Painters Tape lets you do this. The wainscoating is painted on. The chair rail is standard molding painted the same color as the picture ‘frames’.

This bedroom is for a young lady whose tastes run to the fantastic. The curtains are bedsheet and tablecloth.

This bedroom is a more floral design.

For the boys, bunk beds, and poster space. There is a dedicated area for the computer. This is also the door that has the closet we hid the Home Networking components

There is also a dedicated area for TV and Gaming.

Media Wall Built in

Dale Austin has a nice pictoral on building a media wall in his house.
I like the dowel deal for establishing a horizontal on the floor.

Water Slide

My buddy Mike, who taught me just about all I know about recycling cars and parts, having worked in his wrecking yard for 4 years, has a new project going. He is building a waterslide for a friend.

The frame work is made entirely of recycled metal fencing.
It will enclose the swimming pool pumps and filters, which are one of those things that go with having a pool.
Here is another view.
The slide itself is a recycled PVC drain line.

The plans include covering the exterior with wire and concrete, and installing misters inside the slide.