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September 2021
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what is your state doing about energy?

I was reading Clean Technica and ran across this gem.

Tracking Pending US Energy Legislation In One Place

which sent me to the Advanced Energy Legislation Tracker a searchable database of pending legislation around different types of energy bills.
Now you can find out what your legislators are doing about renewables energy and tax credits.

hattip Clean Technica

One Project Closer DIY Forums

One Project Closer in addition to being a great resource for DIY by actually doing and sharing are kicking it up a notch.
The folks at OPC have opened up a DIY Discussion Forum Here.  This is a place for you to ask questions and discuss remodeling projects, from painting to site work.

Come on in.

Chinese Drywall Hazards Update

A  report posted on the National Association of Home Builders website is noting that a preliminary multi agency investigation is inclusive. That posting is here.
Early Findings Inconclusive on Chinese Drywall Hazards
The original government reports are available here Most of them are in PDF.

This is not the end of the issue or the investigations. You should note that the NAHB is a industry funded group, funded by a lot of the home builders that built these houses. Outside of the continuing investigations the importation of Chinese Drywall has stopped.

In a drywall related matter, I noticed that the local Lowes stores have discounted the Denswall paperless drywall. This stuff was supposed to mitigate mold problems. I don’t know either way. But it does require a different group of materials for finishing. I am sure that part of the lack of adoption was price, as it is significantly more expensive than standard drywall, even at closeout pricing.

Before and After 09 – One Project Closer DIY Contest!!

Before_and_after_blue The gang at One Project Closer are having their Second Annual Before and After Contest. Prizes and a Donations for Habitat for Humanity hang in the balance! Get off your ass and submit your DIY Project NOW!

Preservation Briefs

Hat Tip to Liz and Thor at Rehabbers Rehab for this set of Preservation Briefs from the National Park Service.

I just love stuff like this.

Fred does Self Leveling Mortar

If you are thinking about self leveling mortar to do a floor, see Fred at One Project Closer for an excellent posting about doing it.

AFCI – Arc-fault circuit interrupter

Electricity is one of those things that deserves respect. I came across a new term this morning on a tip from DIY Insanity, ACFI or Arc-fault circuit interrupter. From Wikipedia comes this explanation:

An arc fault circuit interrupter (AFCI) is a circuit breaker designed to prevent fires by detecting non-working electrical arcs and disconnect power before the arc starts a fire.
The AFCI should distinguish between a working arc that may occur in the
brushes of a vacuum sweeper, light switch, or other household devices
and a non-working arc that can occur, for instance, in a lamp cord that
has a broken conductor in the cord from overuse. Arc faults in a home
are one of the leading causes for household fires.

Moving forward it will probably save lives, and may be something to think about in doing serious electrical remodeling, but has not been adopted as a requirement across the US yet.

Links and Sites of Note

Having been sidelined for the last week and a half with my van having the electrical problem from hell, which turned out to be the alternator after all, I had some time on my hands.

From Green by Design comes:
When Less Is More: Overhauling the Appraisal System which is a look at how houses are appraised and why changes to this system are needed. How your house uses energy, either  by design, retrofitting, or remodeling, should play a significant role in value in the market. This dovetails nicely with The Real Cost, The Real Deal, featuring Michelle Kaufmann, whose designs look at the energy usage over time as well as green construction techniques.

For fans of Frank Lloyd Wright and the 'Prairie' style is a new blog, Prairie Blog which has a wide variety of articles surrounding this style.
Recently is this article about a student project, the Mod Fab house. (Be advised that the Prairie Blog is a giant time suck)

Super Eco has a posting on dimmer switches for CFL's. Nice idea but dimmable CFL's are still expensive. Something to think about for the future.

Meanwhile I am off to straighten some tall cabinet doors.

Super Eco

Super Eco is a new website looking at green solutions wherever they are.


From products to politics, laundry soap to legislation.  Stunning in scope and depth.  You will want to bookmark it.

Posts of Note

One Project Closer has a great article on soldering copper plumbing fittings
How to Sweat (Solder) Copper Water Pipes for a Watertight Seal

Rehab or Die has a post on installing ceiling speakers with a cool way to minimize the mess of cutting ceiling holes.
Installing ceiling speakers