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September 2021
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Before & After 2010: One Project Closer

It is that time of year again. The folks at One Project Closer are having their annual Before and After Contest. Winning includes Gift Cards to Lowes, Home Depot, or Amazon. Plus they make a donation of $100 to Habitat for Humanity in your honor!
There are weekly winners and at the end of the contest you can vote for the best project who will get an additional $150.00 Gift Card!

This is a great way to strut your stuff. Details Here

Typepad - Tacky, Tacky, Tacky,

I moved from Typepad on Oct. 16th 2009. You don’t have enough time for me to go through the myriad reasons for this. Suffice to say that Typepad is real tacky even after I left.
Here is a current screen shot of the old URL the headlemur.typepad.com

Basically they are sucking every bit of google juice they can. They are also spying on everybody who lands there with a Quantcast cookie as well. You can view source in your browser over there and see for yourself. Using the 1pixel gif dodge.

Start Quantcast tag
script src=”http://edge.quantserve.com/quant.js” type=”text/javascript” /script script type=”text/javascript”

a href=”http://www.quantcast.com/p-fcYWUmj5YbYKM” target=”_blank”
img src=”http://pixel.quantserve.com/pixel/p-fcYWUmj5YbYKM.gif?tags=typepad.core” style=”display: none” border=”0″ height=”1″ width=”1″ alt=”Quantcast”

End Quantcast tag

I wonder who is making money on this?
Tacky Tacky Tacky

UPDATE: 1/19/2010

Finally deleted it after only 3 months.

ho ho ho



Canadian Home Renovation

A little ‘salty’ in spots but he nails remodeling.

Hattip to Denise Holtby.

Remove 2 bolts …

Bertha is back on the road. Beep Beep!!

Before I called the tow company, I borrowed the ex's car, and had the battery checked. It had bad cells and a short under load. Like putting it in gear. Because of that, the sensors went nuts, the check engine light, and the check gauge light lit. The weirdest thing in this whole episode is the battery is usually the last thing to break, because battery technology has advanced to the point that bad cells and shorts are very unusual.

Topped off the fluids, took it for a test drive and am now returning to life as I know it.

Aquarium Stand 2

My son has a fish thing. He didn't get it from me. I built him a stand a couple of months ago for his 55 gal tank. He just moved north and needed another one.

This is a 30 gal. number. 36 1/2'' wide x16'' deep by 12'' high(16'' with the base)

Simple butt joints with 1 5/8'' deck screws holding it together. Zar wood filler for the screw holes, and three coats of Cabot Satin Poly. using my favorite brush

Inside at the back are two stretchers so he can attach it to the wall. He has number one grandson and number one grandaughter there, both of them exhibiting an inordinate amount of energy. Trust me, tipping over an aquarium never ends well.

It is a plain simple box. I am not ashamed to show my plies.
Construction Details:
one sheet of Arauco plywood
2 16'' rips
cut one top 36 1/2'' x 16'' and 2 10 3/4'' sides out of one rip
cut one bottom 36 1/2'' x 16'' and 2 10 3/4'' insides out of one rip
rip the remainder into 4'' strips for the base
cut 2 @ 36 1/2'', cut 3 10 1/2 pieces for the sides and center.
cut 2 stretchers for the back(size depends on how you divide the space)

You get all the pieces out of the two 8' rips with little scrap, and have a piece around 15'' wide left over.
Not a 1 sheet wonder like the 55 gal tank, but I will find something to use it for.

Glue, clamp, countersink, and screw together.
Fill in holes, Sand, and finish.

TypePad Screwup number 99 or so.

TypePad has been a interesting experience in the same way as the chinese curse.”may you have an interesting life. They recently came out with a new version, with all sort of scripty things.

It is not an improvement. Preview is especially bad in Rich Text mode. It gets confused.

TypePad is turning into Microsoft’s Front Page. This is not a good thing.

For those of you that are looking for a blogging tool, look elsewhere. This is not worth the money.

Guest Bath 5

The Guest Bath is painted and ready for tile, fixtures and trim.
The shower area is not primed or painted by direction of the tiler. The tiles are 6×6” in Kohler white which will go from tub to ceiling. The window opening is a little less than 6” so that at the most the tiles will only need a light trim.
The towel shelf is complete, but the plastic is staying until the tile work is finished.

The door was sticking originally. Once I installed shims (there weren’t any) and re squared the opening, the door didn’t stick. I had to replace the entire trim set as the original molding was no longer available.


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