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October 2021
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One of the things that I have discovered is that I work better in a room devoted to my business. I have also discovered that working from home has it’s advantages. Low Rent, Short Commute, and the ability to hang out with my dogs.

This physical/psychological separation helps me to stay on task. The previous world headquarters was completed about 6 months prior to selling that house. Having been in that house for 14 years, time moved a bit differently.

With the damage caused by the storm here a few weeks ago, requiring the replacement of half of the ceilings in casa lemurzone, knowing I would be building a new office, there is no time like the present to do this at the same time.

So I will be enclosing the carport, extending the heating and air conditioning to the new space, adding a subpanel with an isolated ground circuit for power and the computers. A trip to the local York distributor confirmed that my heating/ac unit is large enough to handle the additional load.

My house is currently 850 square feet livable, and the enclosure will add 300 square feet to that. The exterior walls and the ceilings will be 5/8″ drywall, as the joists are at 24″ on center and the additional stiffness as well as the improved 1 hour fire rating will be a plus. The exterior walls currently 3.5″ deep will be expanded to allow for 6″ R 19 fiberglass insulation not only reducing the HVAC load, but also as sound insulation, which is a plus living under one of the landing zones for Sky Harbor Airport.

I will also be adding a roofed awning to the front and the west side of the building which will further help with reducing the heat gain and loss with this addition.

Ya I know that I said that I was too old for this shit, but this will probably my last house and remodeling project. Besides a friend of mine will be on the other end of the drywall.

Stay tuned….