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September 2021
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WordPress is a great tool for creating blogs, especially for housebloggers who have a desire for show and tell like me.  There is a vibrant community that supports WordPress and there are also assholes. Free is not necessarily without cost.

A great but technical article on the hidden dangers of using “free” WordPress themes.


One Project Closer DIY Forums

One Project Closer in addition to being a great resource for DIY by actually doing and sharing are kicking it up a notch.
The folks at OPC have opened up a DIY Discussion Forum Here.  This is a place for you to ask questions and discuss remodeling projects, from painting to site work.

Come on in.

Moving from Typepad 2

Moving from Typepad to WordPress went smoothly for the posts and comments, which at the end of the day the conversations are the most part of blogging. Because my blog is heavy with photos of projects and procceedures I have a bunch of work ahead so blogging will light.

Due to the directory structures between the two platforms, my images are not showing up. Currently they are showing up as boxes, which is probably making you cranky. I am working on this.

Thank you for your continued support.

Moving from Typepad

Hallelujah! I am finally moving away from TypePad. To WordPress.

Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
My new site is here. Bookmark It!!
Thanks to the folks at foliovision.com and this guide: Moving from Typepad to WordPress: 2009 Guide .

The guide is comprehensive, but complex. If you know your way around websites, hosting, FTP, and things like regex, you can do it yourself. If you are not comfortable with these, they offer a paid service to do it for you. It is 350 bucks, which is worth it if you have a site with a lot of materiel, especially images.

My new site is here. Bookmark It!!

It is not about the money as TypePad is a paid service, but is all about being locked into a system with limited expansion, terrible tech support, and regaining my freedom.

Energy, Sustainability and Remodeling

Here are some things I have bookmarked recently.

Clean Technica has a great site. Here are a few recent things.

Mini Nuclear Power Plants For Your Neighborhood In Five Years

Becoming a utility in your neighborhood.

World’s Largest CIGS Thin-Film Solar Array Goes Live

CIGS, or copper indium gallium diselenide thin-film solar cells are not dependent on silicon and instead use highly-available raw materials that are easily integrated into a wide range of applications.
(CIGS is lower in efficency and much lower in cost. Sort of like Betamax vs VHS)

Green by Design is another great site for news on sustainability. Recently:

The Real Cost, The Real Deal

Looking at the monthly costs above the mortgage in home ownership.

FlatPak: Elegant?…Check. Simple?…Check. Green?…Check.

Looking at engineered housing.

Totally Tubular, Man—Bringing Natural Light to Hard-to-Reach Places

Tubular daylighting is a skylight tube that captures light from all angles.

LEDs—You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby

Good overview of LED Lighting.