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September 2021
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Electric Outlet Drywall Repair

You measured..You cut… You hung… You Missed.
One of the more common problems with hanging drywall is missing the cut on electric boxes.
Relax, we can fix this. This is one of the outlets in the New Temporary Workshop 2.0
This shows the most common problems with boxes.

In the upper left is drywall breakage from cutting too close. The Right side shows breakout from cutting too close and hammering the sheet to the wall. The bottom and left side shows cutting the box too large.


Now we remove any loose bits of drywall. I have already installed the outlet in the box, and need to protect it from mud.  Here I tape off the areas we do not to fill with mud, paying close attention to the screw holes in the electric box. I use blue painters tape for ease of removal.

One we have cut the damage out of the way, we need to prefill the broken areas. We do the prefill before we begin our taping. This is so our taping job is clean. Drywall joint compound (mud) shrinks. The amount of shrinkage is determined by the type of mud, its thickness, and temperature.

I recommend doing your prefill with speed set/hot mud. The time to recoat is reduced, the shrinkage is much less, and you will get a finer job.
Taping First Coat

Here is the opening with fiber tape applied and the same taped.  You can see the shrinkage of the mud in the seam below the box, but none around the box where we prefilled our damage.
Box with tapecoat applied

Taping finish

Here is our box with the final coat of mud applied, prior to sanding and painting. Notice that our seam is gone and our wall is going to be smooth.

Finished drywall applied and sanded. Ready for Paint!

Final Result

Here is where that work pays off.